About us

The Bahamail webmail service was envisioned to provide a viable alternative to mainstream webmail providers for Bahamians. There are issues that exist with mainstream webmail providers that many consumers don’t even realize. Firstly, many providers don’t provide services that are localized to many users specific location/country. They focus mainly on the US and other large countries. They also have so many registered addresses and have been around so long that most usual name combinations were taken a very long time ago. In addition to this, they normally only have one domain from which to choose to create addresses thus severely limiting all possible combinations. Probably though, one of the most alarming issues is that some also track your usage and the actual content of your messages in order to advertise to you. Some even allow your email address to be included in email lists and sold or rented to third parties who are then free to do with it as they please. All these issues compounded by the fact that hackers and scam artists normally target the larger, mainstream providers made Bahamail not only a good idea but a needed one.

 By nature all of these issues are addressed with Bahamail! Bahamail was created for Bahamains so most naturally it would be catered for Bahamians. With 3 domains to choose from (and more to be added in the future) there is a high probability you’ll get the email address your want. Bahamail never tracks or snoops in your messages so you’re good there too and your address will never be used for anything other than for you to send and receive your email!

 With all these pros why not secure your Bahamail email address today before its taken? It’s totally free! Don’t forget to read our terms of use and privacy policy too before signing up.