Bahamail Blog

Sign up form issue [resolved]

We've corrected an issue with the sign up form that caused the Captcha validation to always fail. This happened when we switched servers but we've indentified the issue and corrected it. Looking forward to full functionality soon!

Slight hiccup

OK, so we've pexerienced a slight issue that will push our date of commencing back. We're looking to begin offering full service in June. The website has been updated to reflect this change. We apologize but it was unavoidable. We are still looking forward to becoming your #1 email provide rin the country though!

Online promotion & invite feature

Corrected a few issues with the sign up form. Some people couldn't submit after entering their data. That issue seems to have been worked out. We've added an invite feature where users can enter the email address so someone they think would be interested in getting an address. It saves the trouble of having to explain what we're about :) . We've also posted notices in a few FB groups and sent out some whatsapp messages to spread the word. We'll keep the engine churning to attract users until we finally go live hopefully next month.

May is here.

May is here and we are working diligently to be up and running very soon. We are finalizing some issues and installing the last pieces of needed software so we can begin providing what we hope to be the best, most reliable email service in the country. Be on the lookout for further updates as we will try to begin initial testing with some users in a week or two if all goes well.

Commencement date in sight

With much of the functionality in place to accomodate the workflow of the service, we can begin to eyeball a tentative date of when we can begin accepting registrations. We are hoping to open the doors to accept new addresses in May but more than likely we will begin testing with a small subset sometime mid-April if all goes well. Such an undertaking means a lot of resources so we have to make sure whatever systems we set in place now can be properly and gracefully scaled up rapidly in the near future.We believe we have this issue solved.